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TEWire produces world leading Thermocouple Wire

TE Wire & Cable LLC, is the world’s leading and most respected manufacturer of premium temperature measurement products including:

Thermocouple wire and cable
Thermocouple extension wire and cable
Copper instrumentation and control cable
Custom designed and manufactured thermocouple wire and cable
AccuClave® Thermocouple Assemblies
AccuClave-X® Extension Cables


Thermocouple Wiring for All Temperatures

Our thermocouple wire products provide for precision temperature measurement in temperature ranges from -400°F (200°C) to +2400°F (1300°C); in wire sizes as small as 30 AWG to as large as 14 AWG; in single wires to bundled cables of up to 50 thermocouple pairs; cables with or without shielding; outer jackets to withstand nearly any environment; and in calibration tolerances used world-wide, including J, K, T, E, N and S, plus special calibration grades are available.


For more than 65 years TE Wire & Cable LLC has provided quality products to a broad spectrum of critical applications in demanding industries:

• Carbon composite curing for aircraft, aerospace and others
• Autoclaves, furnaces and ovens for use in countless applications
• Heat treating and annealing in the production metals and metal parts of all types
• Precise temperature measurement in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petrochemicals
• Cryogenics, HVAC, automotive, food processing plants, appliances, sensors... and more.


As others have for more than 65 years, trust your critical and demanding temperature measurement application to TE Wire & Cable LLC. For specific information and help with your application, or for custom orders CONTACT US.

Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA


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Autoclave Thermocouple Assemblies

If you use thermocouples with twisted, welded junctions and industry standard thermocouple connectors be sure to check out our patented, pre-assembled, vacuum sealed, reliable AccuClave® Thermocouple Assemblies. Their calibration data is traceable to NIST standards to meet industry requirements for traceability. Even if you make your own thermocouples it may be costing you more than you think. Guaranteed performance! Save even more in autoclave lay-up using AccuClave-X® Extension Cable Assemblies. Click here for more information...